Designing A Solid Wireless Network Foundation

There's a growing need to provide high performance wireless connectivity to large, densely-populated groups of clients in auditoriums, classrooms, lecture halls, sporting arenas, etc.

Wireless application and bandwidth demands are increasing especially given the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, the "BYOD" phenomenon. ( Bring Your Own Device)

Even with recent advances - wireless is still a shared "half-duplex" medium and requires efficient use of the spectrum to succeed.

A proper wireless design will take into consideration the following:

• Coverage

• Capacity

• Data rates

• Throughput

• Signal Strength

• Signal to Noise Ratio

• Interference

• Packet loss

• Number of APs required

• AP Locations

Our highly professional engineers can design a wireless network customized for your special needs.

We specialize in High-Density, Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) and Location-Based Services designs for real-time tracking of high-value assets.

In addition, we provide designs for outdoor mesh coverage and for connecting two or more buildings together (bridging).