Maloney Telecom, Inc. Is proud to have these great customers.

The Francis Scott Key Family Resort

We have been using Maloney Telecom, Inc' services for several years and are very satisfied. During this time, all employees there have treated us like we were their only customer, always ready to help at a minute's notice. Maloney Telecom, Inc. is able identify and solve our problems, whether it is a phone issue, internet issue, it is resolved as they occur in a timely manner.

- Heather Bruning , General Manager

The Harrison Group

I have been the IT manager for The Harrison Group for more then 10 years. Maloney Telecom has taken care of all of our telecommunications needs during that time. This includes analog and digital communications within, and between, our hotels and restaurants. Having Maloney Telecom, focus on telecom frees up my time to focus on implementing and improving software, hardware, and data communications within The Harrison Group without having to spend time troubleshooting cabling and telephone problems. They have helped out in many emergency situations where I cannot be in two places at once, and have always provided services that exceed our expectations and met the deadlines set.

- Sky Foley, IT Director