We at Maloney Telecom, Inc. feel you should have the most up to date computers available. That is why we partner with Dell, Intel, and Lenovo, ensuring your workstation and server needs are met with some of the biggest and most trusted brands in the industry. Maloney Telecom, Inc. also specializes in building custom Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions that meet the needs of your buiness.

Dell, Inc. Stands out above the reset when it comes to manufacturing computers large scale, the sales and support teams are some of the best in the industry. Felxible hardware configurations allow Maloney Telecom, Inc. to build a machine to suite your specific needs, most of the time saving your business money.

Intel, has been the number one name in computer processors for over 20 years. They keep leading the industry with cutting edge advancements in both processors and now solid state storage.

Lenovo (IBM) has the power of IBM in their corner. IBM was the first ever PC manufacture. They still to this day make some of the best performing servers on planet earth.




QNAP Network Attached Storage systems are more than just a box with hard drives. These devices can provide your business with virtual servers and specialized apps to help your business run smoother and more efficient. Still protecting what it most important... Your Data!

Talk to Maloney Telecom, Inc. for all your workstation and server needs, let us custom build a solution for you and your business.